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The first mission of Africa Estate is to recruit real estate agents. The agents choosing this firm will receive top commission allowing them more financial advantage for advertising in order to gain more business.


Despite our success, there’s always more to achieve. And that means we need fresh talent to operate branches - in new locations which meet the needs of Africa Estate customers.

Africa Estate already has branches in Botswana, Roodepoort, Jan Kempdorp, Bloemfontein and Bainsvlei.

Our Branch Program will help achieve this growth - creating strong business relationships and broadening our reach.

Africa Estate wishes every candidate to end up as owner of his/her own franchise if qualified and ready to do so.



An invitation to new Agents


What’s on offer for agents?


We train and obtain  the very best canditates to operate as Africa Estate professionals.

We also grant referral commission to earn from the commission of Africa Estate. Some experienced agents could even choose to operate their own branch of Africa Estate if qualified and ready to do so.

Be a part of our professional team and carve a successful path for yourself. Excellent commission structure. Work to your potential and earn accordingly.

We're ambitious. We want to get bigger and better – and that's where new agents can play a part.....



Who are we looking for?


Africa Estate is expanding rapidly and is looking for top agents to take advantage of the opportunity to join our business.

We are looking for enthusiastic, dynamic and vibrant individuals who wish to earn an above average income in the real estate industry.

If you are serious about your choice of a career, we are seriously interested in you!

If you are an experienced top agent, please consider joining our unique company. This is a commission based profession with a very attractive and competitive commission structure.

We are looking for existing estate agents with 2-3 Years’ experience in residential sales.

Agents with 5 or more years’ experience in farm sales are welcome to join Africa Estate to take on a positive new challenge to be one of our sales agents specializing in selling of farms all over Africa and in South Africa.



What are the benefits?


Alongside the earning potential, you have the added benefit of joining forces with Africa Estate. You'll also enjoy the direct benefits of our extensive support infrastructure and marketing programs.

We have a training plan specifically devised in accordance with the requirements of our business. It will be delivered in a flexible, friendly and informal manner.

Recognition - rights to trade under the Africa Estate name.

Exposure - automatic registration of properties on the Africa Estate Website and the number one property website, Property 24 as well as on World Properties and other well-known websites.

Marketing - a good Company name, backed-up with promotional marketing and quality point of sale material.



Income generation


Sales Commission:  Our objective is to help you generate Income from the commission sales.

Bond Commission:  Earning commission from the mortage bonds.

Referral Commission:  As real estate agent you can expand your network and become aware of potential clients in other locations  seeking to purchase or sell a home, and have the opportunity to refer these prospects to other agents (in the areas where the prospect is looking to buy or sell) earning referral commission.

Listing Commission:  Becoming a Listing Agent In real estate, there's a saying that “you list to last". Listings generate interest and trigger additional transactions.





During the initial training the agent will be made aware of the operating procedures and standards to make sure he gets the very best from our business. The agent will be kept up to date of any changes and procedures and can access the operating guidelines online via the Africa Estate website and internet facilities.

We will support the agent during the key stages. This includes computer and online marketing, contracts, sole mandates etc. and we constantly give and on-going support for the agent and the team.

We help the agent enjoy the continuing support of the Africa Estate Team.

Everything in Africa Estate is geared to help the agent to make the most of his career.



The agent’s performance – What we expect


We want to be proud of our special people

We are looking for special people who are prepared to study, who are committed to the highest ethical standards, and who work hard and are determined to succeed.



Factors to consider


It is important you know as much as possible about a future in real estate.  Here are some vital points:



The hours


You must be prepared to work many hours, particularly in the early months.  It is not unusual for some days to begin at nine in the morning and end at ten that night.  At times there is a tendency  to work too many hours.

Success in the sales profession requires enormous amount of dedication.  The primary focus, however, is on actions completed, not upon hours worked.

As in most cases, a mastery of time is critical.  Truly successful real estate achievers have plenty of free time.  They master time management skills.





An enormous amount of activity can be created for weekends.  In the early stages of your career you may find it necessary to work many weekends.



Spouse support


You will need the whole-hearted support of your family.  Real estate can be very demanding on your family life.  Family bonds need to be strong to withstand such pressure.  By focusing on the ultimate benefits of a successful real estate career, a family feels part of a team.





The most successful people are constantly improving.  You will need to devote yourself to continuous training and improvement.  Studying the great achievers from real estate and from other industries will be of great benefit.





In real estate, the 'sale' is not so much when someone decides to purchase a property. 

The true 'sale' is when a person grants you the right to represent them as their agent for the sale of their property. 

What you 'sell' is yourself, your agency and the benefits your agency can provide to the seller.

The sellers are your clients and their interests are of paramount importance.  By remembering this principle and practising a policy of total client care, you will receive many recommendations.  The better you care for your clients, the more successful your career will be.  A struggling real estate agent is often a real estate agent who has neglected clients.

The interests of your clients are your major concern.  Your success will be measured not only by your income but also by the praise you receive from happy clients.  The programs you will be taught eliminate all methods that place agent interests ahead of clients' interests.

The philosophy of looking after clients is taught in your pre-start training programs.  These strategies will make you very proud of your profession.

People of the highest integrity are very popular with clients.  Trust is the key in every aspect of the industry.